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Welcome to Guidepost Systems!

Guidepost Systems is owned and run by me, Jim Holmes. I'm here to help organizations of all sizes improve the quality of the software those organizations are delivering to their customers--regardless whether those customers are internal or external.

I have over 20 years experience in software delivery in a wide range of roles and organizations. I'm currently engaged at a Fortune 10 global enterprise as part of a large team helping them change how they concieve, build, test, and deliver software. Previously I've worked in the Department of Defense space, software consultancies, and internationally recognized software product vendors. You can find more information about me via my LinkedIn profile, my visual resume, or my traditional resume.

I specialize in a number of areas: 

  • Showing organizations how to smooth out their delivery processes by
    • Identifying and eliminating waste such as too much design churn, etc.
    • Identifying and eliminating communication problems
    • Helping identify productive feedback loops such as retrospectives
  • Training organizations to first focus on business value instead of diving in to technical solutions
  • Coaching teams to improve their quality deliver via software craftsmanship, modernization of skills, and improved communication
  • Educating teams to master test automation across the entire stack (unit, integration, user interface)
  • Showing organizations how to ensure they're building the right things for the right people

I've helped a wide range of clients from small development shops to teams within Fortune and Global 10 companies. In addition to my own experience and skills I have a great network of experts I can reach out to help solve highly technical issues.

My wheelhouse is helping you and your organization communicate and deliver more effectively.

Interested in talking to me? I'd love to chat! Drop me a mail: